Young adult literature : Reviews of Famous young adult books

Young adult is a genre in modern literature majorly read by the teenagers, although it is not very restricted and people not falling in this age range also do enjoy the genre. Young adult literature remains to be one of the fastest selling genre in the literary world. It is quite loved by people of a specific age group because all the young adult books tend to have a teenage protagonist and a story that captures the youth of the readers. Over the recent years, young adult genre became popular and mainstream and became widely accepted. These books deal with various issues prominent in teenage life, like self discovery, friendship, romance, competition, money, relationships and families.

Also, young adult focuses on certain serious issues that needs to be dealt like bullying, peer pressure or drug addiction. Books belonging to this category can have many backdrops but campus life, romance, mystery and fantasy are the most common ones. There is this thing about YA that somehow surpasses the popularity of other genres and has widely changed people’s way of thinking about literature.
One of the most popular young adult series is the phenomenal Harry Potter series by J.K.Rowling. Although it has a wide variety of elements from other genres, it is at its course based on the life of a young adult and his self discovery. The series has everything a teenager could expect to enjoy reading: magic, adventure and most importantly, victory of good over evil. The series covers the journey of adolescents overcoming their own fears. The character development is beautiful and engrossing.
Another bestselling series in the thriving young adult genre is the Divergent series. The main elements in the story, that is, the action, adventure, romance and sci-fi totally make it a great dystopian epic, with great characterization. Also, it aims to instill in the readers virtues of bravery, fearlessness and selflessness. With all the thrill and adventure aside, the series deals with many problems teenagers face while realizing their potential.
Another popular recommended book series is the widely popular Hunger Games. The story speaks of a futuristic civilization of human beings where people are sent in a simulated reality to claw for their real lives as a game people enjoy. It reminds us of the gladiators of the Roman Empire where people died for others entertainment. It is known for its slow but breathtaking narrative is already made into 3 movies.
John Green is one of the most notable YA authors and his book, The Fault in our Stars is one of the most recommended YA book with the main theme of the novel being romance. It is the story of how a girl and boy suffering from cancer deal with their disease together and fall in love. The popularity also lies in many of the beautiful quotes of John Green in the book, which make you fall in love with the characters. The plot is enthralling and discusses over many issues that cancer struck teenagers are faced with.
With a very interesting concept, Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a unique YA fiction. The Lightning Thief is a loved young adult fiction which is Book 1 of the series. The fantasy story is paced fast, with the main elements being Greek mythology, mystery and friendships but apart from that, it has a great message for the readers. This is a must read for all the teenagers and Greek mythology nerds. There is humor and adventure in the book. The character development is beautiful and their backstories are very interesting.
The Perks of Being a Wallflower is another popular YA book. It is the story of Charlie, a freshman who is struggling between trying to live and running away from life. Being a geek and introvert, he develops his own perspective of the various things he navigates. There are various themes and messages in the story. There are many love stories as well, which adds to the beauty. Teenagers appreciate the book because it has a beautiful message about life, that one should make his own future, unaffected by family.
These were our picks for our favorite young adult fiction books. This genre is relatively new in literature, but has massively grown over the years and has a lot of potential for future growth and we might never know what new books will make the list of Top Young Adult books.

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