The Best Business-Related Non-Fiction Books

There are a number of valuable books for all those planning on running their own businesses to read. These books are filled with information on what people can do in order to make it easier for their businesses to succeed and stay functional.

The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell is about the proverbial point when a trend, behavior or idea starts to make a major impact. That is, it focuses heavily on how certain concepts that people come across and develop may be easier to manage when the tipping point is passed. This book entails understanding what it takes for an idea to start to make an impact and how you can get such ideas to be more influential over time.

Made to Stick

Made to Stick is a book from Chip and Dan Heath about how various ideas come about and how some of them will succeed and stick around for a while as other ideas die off. The book analyzes many historic examples and will give you a clear look at what can be done to make particular ideas work a little better for your needs.

Creativity, Inc.

Ed Catmull, the author of Creativity, Inc., is a co-founder of the famed Pixar Animation Studios company. Catmull writes in this book about understanding how ideas can be used and what to do when aiming to get ideas utilized by the right people. Details on how to manage risks and how to work with a stronger communication structure are also included as critical points on how to make a business thrive and succeed. Much of this is based off of the success that Catmull has had within the film industry.

Zero to One

Famed entrepreneur Peter Thiel writes in this book about what startups can do to succeed. Much of what you will learn in this guide is about the importance of being able to think for yourself and knowing what to get out of the process of doing so. This helps you to figure out more on what you can do to make it easier for certain ideas to become viable and appealing in some manner. You will especially learn more in this book about how to use your own values and beliefs to create the best new ideas.

Built to Last

James Collins and Jerry I. Porras write this about not necessarily individuals but rather about businesses in general and what they have to do to make their efforts stand out and become recognized. You can learn from this book about how the collective viewpoints used by individual businesses will help with establishing a better connection for your business to use.

The Wisdom of Crowds

James Surowiecki writes about the importance of using larger groups of people when coming up with ideas and solutions within your business. This is especially to get a better sense of unity when figuring out what kinds of businesses solutions are available in any industry.

All of these books should be considered when you’re looking to find information on how to run a business. You will be amazed at the things you will explore through these businesses.


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