Recommendation and Review of the Best Classic Fiction Books

Imagination is the cornerstone of human civilization. People create things that change countless lives and inspire millions. Sometimes, they do so through their words. For example, fiction writers create characters, stories, and plots that influence generations years after the stories come to life. Classical fiction writers are especially influential because their stories normally have a moral twist. These stories may also seek to describe what is happening in society with a view to changing it. You should read a few books on classical fiction each month. Here are some works that you should consider.

– The Great Gatsby

Francis F. Fitzgerald is the author of this book, which C. Scribner’s Sons published in 1925. Sadly, Fitzgerald died in 1940 with his book having sold only 20,000 copies. By 2013, it had sold 25million copies. The power of this book lies in the themes it contains. It deals with hot button issues such as resistance to change, idealism, decadence, social upheaval, and opulence. The author explores these powerful themes in a plot centering on the obsession a millionaire has for a young aristocratic woman. It is an interesting story that will intrigue you from start to finish.

– How to Kill a Mocking Bird

Published in 1960, this book sold over 40million copies since that time. It was so successful that the publishers saw it fit to translate it into about 40 languages so that it could reach a wider audience. Harper Lee, the author of the book also won a Pulitzer Prize for the book. The book is quite humorous even though it deals with serious issues such as racial inequality and rape. It is must-read for anyone who values a good fictional story with a moral component to it. You should also check out ‘Go Set a Watchman,’ which is an earlier draft of this book.

– Animal Farm

Eric Blair, popularly as George Orwell, wrote this book. Secker & Warburg published it in 1945. The book is an intriguing piece of classical fiction because it humanizes pigs, horses, donkeys, and other farm animals. Then it relates these animals to the humans on the fictional farm. This book is quite serious despite the presence of animals with human characteristics. In fact, it deals with topics such as socialism, capitalism, democracy, and tyranny, which were the issues of the day during the time of its publication. The animal farm sold 20million copies and many regard it as one of the best books in ever written in recent times.

– A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens, regarded as the best novelist during the Victorian era, wrote this book. Chapman & Hall published it in 1843. This story is one of personal transformation. The main character in the book, Ebenezer Scrooge, transforms from a mean old person, into a gentle and kind soul. He does so after visitation by a number of ghosts. The story shows all men are redeemable and it is an ideal read for anyone on the path of transformation. In this book, Dickens draws from his childhood experiences and his compassion for the poor. You should read it when you get the chance. It is touching as well as life changing.






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